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Thursday, 11 October 2018

It's Good To Be Home

We've been flat out since getting home two weeks ago, but oh what a wonderful holiday - 6 weeks in England and France. We visited friends and family and just ambled through those beautiful old villages in both countries, then a week in Paris to finish off.
It's difficult when you live on the other side of the world to those wonderful places - it increases our footprint a lot by doing all that travel, and all I can say is that we try to do what we can to balance it back.
Some of our souvenirs included vintage items we found in the markets. 

Some unplayable instruments that we lugged home to add to our wall decor

I bought no new clothes for myself and popped into a lot of thrift shops, finding that an interesting insight into different countries. I must say that I think ours and Australia's stack up pretty well against those that I visited. 
The produce markets in France were just gorgeous. Such beautiful displays with no plastic - I wish ours were that good.

The market in Bordeaux

Now that we're home I have hurriedly planted all my seeds, but I'm a bit late with them so I've been scouting around looking for plants that don't come in plastic punnets (found some lettuces) - will try our local Sunday market.

There's nothing like going away to make you appreciate what you've got.
Yesterday's walk on the beach coincided with low tide, so we picked a bag of pipis - which I cooked for my daughter's lunch today - much to her excitement. (Seriously, she loves them)

Sorry I've missed a lot of others blog posts while I've been away and still not caught up - I'll be back with you all soon.


  1. What a fantastic holiday! I would love to see some of those places myself one day. Welcome home 😁

    1. Thanks Cheryl, something to put on your bucket list - and I've crossed a couple of things off mine now. Something to treasure.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful and quite relaxing trip. I love the market in Bordeaux. America's would never go for having their food that you can't wash (such as bread) lying out there bare-naked. Oh horror, think of all the germs! Will you use the vintage instruments or are they for decorating?
    Welcome home and back to blog world!

    1. Thanks Cynthia. The instruments are past using, they have been rescued for their aesthetics and will grace the walls along with their other well loved but now useless fellow band mates. We have ukuleles, an accordian, a very decorative old guitar and some other weird string instruments.


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