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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Time to Reflect and Plan

I've been having a little blogging break over the holiday time as it has been busy with travel, family and playing sax.
We have been making room for a family member who is moving in. This means that I have gone from originally having a walk in wardrobe to myself, to a double closet to myself, to now sharing that double closet. Time to organize!
We have both removed a lot of clothing (from the wardrobes) and I have just found this blog with great refashioning ideas and uses for unwanted items called The Renegade Seamstress 

I'm looking forward to some creative sewing and posting the results.

New Year Plans
I'm not big on New Year's resolutions - I prefer to set goals, make plans. You might think that is the same thing, but it is different.
 My plans include giving our old caravan a revamp for some extra chill out space, but also to accommodate family and friends when we have a houseful.

This is the before photo

Before - sad looking interior

The caravan is permanently parked in the garden and in great need of work.
I have just seen a gorgeous caravan revamp in the latest copy of NZ Life and Leisure magazine (which I got a sub to for Christmas)

This isn't the one in the magazine, but we would be happy if ours turned out half this good looking.
I will be posting some before and after photos of that too. I hope.

After the recent rain our courgette plants have gone mad, so I'm thinking there will probably be 365 ways with courgettes coming up too.

Pity I don't like cape gooseberries because there are loads of these ripening now, but we do have family members who love them. Cape gooseberries grow like weeds here, and I'm often pulling them out. I love their little fairy lantern cases though.
Cape Gooseberry plant

Cape Gooseberries

I hope you have a Happy New Year and you come back to visit my blog in 2014. I'm going to be seeing the New Year in playing with the band in Paihia.
May 2014 see you making plenty of deposits into the Bank of Life. 


  1. Looking forward to seeing the caravan in March :) and staying of course x

    1. Yes for sure! We have a lot of work to do before then to get everything ready.


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