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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Asian Barbecued Mussels

A Neat Trick

I found this snippet in a New Zealand Good Health Choices magazine - and I'm going to leave it for Derek to see, so he understands (I think he gets it really but works in a different way himself).

Next time you need to turn your brain's creative talents up, give the "neat freak" part of your personality a day pass. US researchers say untidy surroundings make it much easier to think outside the box.

This blog wasn't intended to be a cooking blog - but slow living involves a lot of DIY cooking, and my favourite recipes are the ones that are simple, quick and have good results, and are reasonably healthy. I find it easier to direct friends and family to the blog than email or text the recipes they request.
So here is the Asian Barbecued Mussels recipe that we served at the party, which everyone seemed to love. This recipe came from a New Zealand Life and Leisure magazine

Ngaio cooking Asian Barbecued Mussels - nice job!

Asian Barbecued Mussels

24 cooked mussels on the half shell
2 tablespoons of chopped coriander (but I used parsley, not so Asian, I know)
1 spring onion very finely chopped
1 small red chilli very finely chopped
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
salt and pepper to taste
about 1/4 cup of white wine

Preheat the barbecue hotplate.
Mix together coriander, spring onion, chilli, oils and seasonings.
Spoon a little mixture over each mussel. Place on the preheated barbecue hotplate and top each mussel with a spoonful of wine. Pour a little water on to the hotplate to create some steam and cook mussels for 2-3 minutes to fully warm through. Serves 6-8
I made the topping mix the day before, and the mussels were cooked and half shelled in the morning, the topping added then refrigerated until time to barbecue, making it a good dish for entertaining.

Asian Barbecued Mussels

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