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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Beaded Necklace from an Old T-shirt

After the past few weeks of frantic activity I don't feel like doing much more than pottering about at present, and lurking on Pinterest is one my favourite ways of doing very little.
I saw these cool scarves made out of shredded old t-shirts though, and jumped up to go make one.

from diary of an east yorker blogsite

Half way through I decided it didn't really suit me - too much fabric (little short neck), so I changed tack to make it into a fabric necklace, by using less strands and throwing on a few glass beads that I had around. I think I like it now.
cut the hem off the t-shirt, then cut strips approx 2cm wide

stretch the loops as far as they will go

finished product

You can see on the first image that they have used one strand of fabric to wrap over the seams to make a neat finish. To add the beads I just cut off one seam on each strand, and added a bead on either side. I then put a stitch through them all to hold them, and wrapped with an unstretched strand, adding a stitch or two to secure the final knot.
Just Google t-shirt scarves and you'll see there are loads of different ways to make them, with just a pair of scissors, and maybe needle and thread.
I'll add a few for inspiration...

from Etsy

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