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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Creative Reuse of Cereal Packets, Beach Treasure

I'm still playing a lot as relaxation to balance what has been a busy 3 months.
I found this blog post on repurposing cereal packets from One Good Thing by Jillee, and I thought I would post what I have been doing too.

from One Good Thing by Jillee blog

So here are some of my cards that I have been making, using the plain side of cereal boxes to paint on with watercolours and a bit of detail with waterproof pen.
Watercolour card painted on cereal box cardboard

Watercolour greeting card painted on cereal box cardboard

The next card was painted on a piece of used envelope which was of a beautiful grainy paper that I couldn't bear to throw away. It was for a lovely lady from a shop in town who picked a big bag of her plums for me. I hope she liked the card.
pen and watercolour painted on recycled envelope

I like to use what is around rather than spending on new art materials. It is a little art project that I can tackle (and finish) every day to keep my creative side playing.
I have been down at the beach playing too, in the sunshine while the dog has a good run around and swim.
This is a great time of the year to be out fosicking with my metal detector - look what I found last week. Nothing of great value; the medallion is from 1953-54, Queen Elizabeth's visit to NZ, that apparently all the school children were given.
treasure hunting with my metal detector

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