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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Guitar Strings and Chandelier Crystals

My garden is a shambles right now. We went away for a week, then I had a sore back, and on top of it all the possums ate all of my first crop of corn cobs grrr!
As well as all that, it is hot and humid, so that by 9.30am I have to come inside and wait until about 5pm to carry on out there.

So, with having to be inside most of the day I am finding time to play. 
Today's post is just a little one, with some examples of what I have been up to.
I love making do with what I have. Fortunately for me, being in the band, I have great access to used guitar strings. The boys have to change these after every six gigs or so.

The chandelier crystals came from the shop Junk and Disorderly in Auckland, and were $10 for all of them.
I'm going to make drop earrings from the two smallest crystals - am thinking they might make nice Christmas presents for the end of the year (if I remember and can find them).

This pendant uses a vintage cuff button, a piece of driftwood and a chain from which I removed a tacky piece of costume jewelery, and the chandelier crystals.

This one uses a guitar string and a long wooden thing with a hole through it that I have carried from house to house in my stash for probably thirty years.
...And a guitar string bracelet.

Watch this space for more playtime productivity.

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