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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Matakana, New Zealand

One of my Christmas presents was tickets to the Fat Freddy's Drop concert at Ascension Vineyards in Matakana, which happened just this weekend gone.

What a fine excuse to spend the weekend in the Matakana area where there are lots of galleries, vintage shops, markets, vineyards, cafes and beaches - what's not to love?!

Vintage baches at Sandspit - looks better when the tide's in.

The concert was great - despite a 20 minute downpour that just finished before the main act - one of New Zealand's best loved bands.

The sun's out just in time for the main act at Ascension Vineyard, Matakana

Fat Freddy's Drop. The trombone player obviously has a good sense of humour, and some great dance moves

We ambled home the next day, after staying at a lovely B&B, via the Sunday market in Matakana and several of the beaches. 

Matakana Sunday Market - plenty of vintage and upcycled goods - I bought some (new) stainless steel straws.

We didn't stop at the Goat Island marine sanctuary, where people can snorkel among large fish because being a long weekend there were crowds of people - a bit much for us.
Instead we found this unpopulated spot - Jones Beach. We just loved the beautiful smooth stones.

The Park Ranger's house at Jones Beach - a beautifully preserved Kiwi villa

Pakiri Beach has lifeguards because the surf is a bit wild, but the lagoon is a lovely safe spot for families with small children. There is beach horse trekking available there too.
Pakiri Beach

The lagoon, Pakiri Beach

Thanks to Derek for the great photos - he does a much better job than me!


  1. Although it's probably not comfortable for sitting or walking, I do like that rock beach. And it does look as if the crowd is enjoying the music. That was a nice Christmas present.

    1. Best with footwear on that beach, but surprisingly comfortable to sit on. I love tickets to an event as a gift - much better than stuff I don't need.


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