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Sunday, 22 September 2013

A non-shopping resolution

Ever since I was a teenager I have shopped for recycled clothing. About three years ago I stumbled on a site that promoted a challenge not to buy new clothes for a year - apart from one special outfit if necessary - and of course underwear, socks and shoes. I decided that I would do that - without joining officially. Second hand and home made were acceptable.
It was good and manageable, but I find that I have a little addiction going on, and way too many clothes. I love recycled label clothing for the interesting features and quality...these were approx $25 each
stitch ministry

friends of couture

Robyn Mathieson

Liz Jordan

So after this week (awaiting last ordered item) I am making the commitment to myself - and obviously putting it out in the webby world, that I will not be buying ANY clothes at all for the next 12 months.
I told my daughter (20) and she said that I spend way more than she does, because I could get better bargains shopping how she does. 
I explained that it isn't about bargains (well maybe a little), but not wearing what everyone else is, plus not using up more of the world's resources.  
I feel good that I will be saving myself time and money, plus cutting my consumerism a bit more and breaking that habit.

It may not be pretty but...

In the North we seem to have idiots with not enough to do, so they vandalize and steal letterboxes. Ours went missing last Christmas, along with others in the neighborhood. Our postie advised us not to get a new one until after the holidays, as it would just happen again, so...I made one out of a plastic container we found washed up in the mangroves. A couple of days ago the front broke off so i thought I would show you the repair of a repair. I'm not sure where this is going, or if we will ever have a normal mailbox again, but here it is.

Flash eh! repair made using a worn out leather belt and a few nuts and bolts.

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