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Sunday, 8 September 2013

A little taste of Aussie

We've just spent 2 great weeks in Australia, being spoilt by friends and family. We wanted to take some gifts over, so among other things we took some lovely possum fur items, as it gets pretty cold in Adelaide and Perth at times. We thought it only fitting to take some possum back from whence they came. In line with my no giftwrap buying commitment, some of the gifts went wrapped in old NZ maps, which were well received.

I discovered, while stocking up on reading material for the flights, that Australia now has some great eco focused magazines - loved their Peppermint and Green Lifestyle. I know that magazines are paper resources too, but I just love them, and they don't get thrown away, but reread and shared with others.

Fly Deterrent
In one magazine I read a tip to rid the house of flies, by closing all the blinds to darken the room, but leave one window open. The flies all go towards the light and fly out. 
I discovered a good deterrent for myself, while out walking in the Aussie bush to Alligator Gorge.

The flies were just dreadful, so I crushed a handful of eucalyptus leaves, and rubbed some on me, keeping hold of the rest. When we stopped to talk to some other walkers, they were having dreadful bother with the flies...but we no longer were.
Happily I remembered that eucalyptus is a fly deterrent

Small Town Australia
We love small towns, so to us there is no better way to see another country up close. We went from the Adelaide Hills to the base of the Flinders Ranges, and back through the Clare Valley. The scenery was just beautiful, with vast fields of bright yellow rapeseed, butted against green crops...and the old stone buildings and small villages were so full of character. 

The Melrose Hotel - fabulous character pub. We stayed in an old stone cottage at the side for AU $105/ night

old stone and batten house, Melrose

Disused Melrose Brewery

Fields of Rapeseed
I've come home refreshed and full of creative ideas, having wandered galleries and kept my eyes open for new and interesting things. 

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