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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Little Gems

"Integrity is doing the right thing,
even if nobody is watching" - anonymous

Wrist Cuff
One problem with wearing dangly jewellery when I play my sax is that it bothers me that things might get caught up when I'm playing. I don't wear rings when I'm playing either because they get all bent out of shape on the bongo drums. So I have felt naked in the jewellery department while performing, and have been looking everywhere for an interesting wrist cuff. I didn't find one anywhere. Not being one who is too concerned about following trends, I have made my own out of stretchy black lace, velvet, vintage beads and such like. It's different.

wrist cuff

Pick 'n' Pedal
I posted one of these before - it is my combination of exercise and keeping our patch of roadside beautiful (and exercising the dog). This was Monday's pickup over a short bike ride of approx 2km.

Kaipara Flats

A few weeks back we made a detour to check out a chipper/shredder, and drove through this little place on the way home. Just blink and you'd miss it, but here are a few pics of rural settlement history.

the library

kiwi ingenuity, mailbox

the old butchery

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