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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Weddings, Making a Few Things

Greening Weddings
One of the cool things about playing in a band is that I get to go to lots of weddings. Most of the ones we see are not huge elaborate affairs, but a lot of thought and effort go in, usually with help from friends and family.
 The one we played at last weekend was beautifully done in an old community hall. They had hired a marquee liner, had chandeliers even. It was all in white with touches of orange and black. But it had touches of green too - in that they had provided actual hand towels so that paper ones weren't necessary, and the gifts were little pots of strawberry jam (the bride grows strawberries for a living). The tables were decorated with bowls of goldfish - all to go in their pond later (and none were harmed), plus orange flowers. It all looked gorgeous!

It's nearly time to send out Christmas cards, and Derek and I like to make our own. I've just made a few out of the liner of a cigar box that a kind friend donates, knowing that I like them ...I have plans. Meanwhile here is a pic of the card - I decided on Scandinavian style simplicity.

My pyrethrum daisy has flowered, and the flowers are now drying. All I have to do is pulverize them mix the powder with water, strain and I have insect spray. Hmmm, will post here how that goes. 

pyrethrum daisies

 Nut Butter
We don't keep peanut butter in our house due to an allergy - and sometimes I miss it. Today I made myself up a batch of almond and sunflower seed butter, throwing in a little oil and salt to the mix in the food processor. I used pre-roasted, unsalted almonds, and I suppose I should have toasted the sunflower seeds. It's still nice. It's so good on toast, and again saves another purchase of something premade, with packaging, for just a little work.

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