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Friday, 1 November 2013

Upcycled Giftwrap and Decorations

As promised, a little more on ideas for eco friendly gift wrap that means not buying something new for this purpose.
Hopefully this idea will be good enough to be reused again and again - even better.
Not everyone has access to a big advertising poster like this one that my daughter got hold of before it was thrown out - yes, that is what they do with them.

But ask around, often there is a supply of brown waste parcel paper in good condition, or pristine white paper, posters, corrugated cardboard etc at businesses.
These envelopes are quick and easy to make with a sewing machine, and can be closed in various ways from buttons to double sided tape, or tied with sewn on tapes made from cut up old tee shirts.

Upcycled advertising poster turned gift envelope

Upcycled advertising poster turned gift envelope
The possibilities are endless - here is my Pinterest Upcycled Giftwrap Board if you'd like some inspiration.

Parcel Trims

I think handmade trims are more exciting than something that anyone can buy in a shop, and they dress up that brown paper parcel beautifully.
These ones I made up with no pattern because they are simple. I love being able to use old single buttons that I have inherited from my mother and grandmother. 

And Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration - upcycled sheet music

These are made by sewing through the centre of 5 circles of old sheet music, and adding a few beads and a tie.

Some Upcycled Domino Pendants

I made a few of these for my market stall - which is looking more and more like being next year as I am busy with the band for the rest of the year.

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