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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Handbuilt Jewellery n Bustin' Flies

Handbuilt Jewellery
Lets start with the prettier side of the blog.
Some pictures of a couple of pieces I made a while back using all sorts that I had been saving, from old buckles, broken jewellery and coins to a button from a dress my mother wore in her twenties as a bridesmaid.

upcycled jewelery necklace #1

upcycled jewelery necklace #2

Fly Tipping
Months ago I noticed that someone had dumped an old tv and other rubbish on the side of our road - including some cactus plants which were starting to get a foothold. I finally took their photo and sent this with the location to the man at our council who manages the rubbish, and presto - it was gone! Well done to him (and me).

Fly Busting
We get big blowflies here. It doesn't help living beside a horse paddock. I just detest fly swatters, and have been using an ecomist, with canisters at $20 each. "Good" magazine that is just out has published a solution...

16 drops of lavender essential oil
16 drops of basil essential oil
10 mls of almond oil

Place these in a jar with a small cloth, and use the cloth to anoint the window and door frames. This will need to be repeated fortnightly, or weekly in hot weather.

I'm also going to haul out my old oil burner to use with these essential oils when I am cooking meat. I will report back on how it works.
The other suggestion was to have pots of basil, lavender and tansy near doors and windows.
I'm going to have loads of basil for fly busting and pesto after my second planting came up in abundance.
Basil seedlings - hooray!


  1. Can you let me know how the fly oils go please!! They are starting to really come out over here now :)

  2. Hi Amy, sure will - I'm really hoping it works.


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