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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lovin' What You Do

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

My sister in Australia is a caregiver, a job that is much better paid there than here. Yesterday she was paid for 2 hours to play Scrabble with a 90 year old lady, and she frequently takes another out for lunch as part of her job. Awesome! 
When I was younger I always said that the best way to earn a living is doing something that you love. For me - I thought the epitome would be playing music or singing for a living. It was something I thought other people did - but when you form an idea, sometimes it happens all by itself. At that stage I hadn't started playing sax.

My alto saxophone

This weekend I am playing sax, bongos, and doing backing vocals at two gigs with our band.

If you are new to my blog - it is really just a journal of my year of slow living - taking time out to do the things in life I enjoy, and hopefully making the world a better place along the way.
My point in the entry above is to follow your dreams, and dream big. It is doing that, and reading a lot of books, that has allowed me to retire at age 53.
I first picked up a saxophone at age 43.

Because really I need to go practice, so some random stuff...
Taking garden items that are hanging around and adding them for their decorative touches..

A little change in it often enough and it makes changes in your green footprint.
I like how the one on the left says 100% cotton - but fails to mention the plastic stick. I must ask our supermarket if they will stock the Go Bamboo ones - they are the only ones we can put in the compost - packaging and all.

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