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Saturday, 5 October 2013

I Baking Soda-ed the Dog

Munta, our unemployed farm dog, does not like water, which makes bathing him a hazardous exercise. So when I read in Bicarbonate of Soda - the complete practical handbook that baking soda could be safely used on dogs to reduce their greasiness and doggy smell I thought that sounded like an excellent idea. One handful of baking soda later, sprinkled over the unsuspecting dog and he indeed was less greasy and doggy smelling. Yay!

Sweet Munta
Small Green Activities - Every Day

A lot of the green things we do here are not blogworthy, or I have already posted them on an earlier blog.
One thing we do is pick plastic rubbish out of our local river mangroves. The other day I even picked out a back support corset which we then put in our rubbish. How on earth would that get there?
We've had quite a few visitors this weekend, and they are blown away by the fact that I baked scones, muffins, made my own bread, hummus etc, etc and raise my own seedlings. 
It's hard work being green, but is worthwhile.
I just looked up a blog which I read about in an old 2008 Time magazine, in an article called the Truth about Plastic. Sadly the author has barely blogged (on that blog) in the past 4 years, finding she struggled to maintain the plastic-free lifestyle. 
It shouldn't have to be that hard. 

One commenter on the above-mentioned blog says that a grocery attendant threw a bag of chicken at her when she turned down the plastic bag that they try to make you take with your meat. I find they definitely get a bit bristly about this, so I take some plastic bags with me for them to use, which can then be washed and reused. Stops them sneaking them in.

I've been composting more items since reading Zero Waste Home, now putting cellophane in the compost - but find I have to be careful because they make some plastic that looks like cellophane. 


I liked her idea of having a compost bin in the bathroom too for tissues, hair, nail trimmings etc. I don't feel happy about putting these in the general compost that goes in our garden, so they will be getting their own burial. 

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