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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pumice and Driftwood Garden Art

pumice and driftwood wreath

I finally found some time to finish something I had started ages ago - my pumice and driftwood wreath, which I had made using an old wire coat hanger. That was the difficult part as it was really hard to bend the hook in to shape - but in the end I wanted it done and found a way.

Pumice totem
While visiting friends last weekend I saw they had some lovely totems in their garden that they had made from driftwood and pumice, and I decided it was time I got around to using all the pumice that I had collected. So here is my pumice totem, which is threaded onto a piece of dowel that cost me $2.30 from Arthurs Emporium (which was enough for 2 totems). Pumice is so easy to drill.

pumice totem
The lower end of the dowel is pushed securely into the ground. The totem moves with the breeze.

Petrol Saving Tip

Turn off your engine if you will stationary for more than 2 minutes. Idling this long takes more fuel than restarting your car. (tip from

More Something for nothing

New Zealand Spinach 

This plant just self seeds and comes up regularly in the garden. I like to use the new tips, which I threw in to my chicken risotto last night. It seems to be unpopular with slugs and snails.

Update on Great White Butterfly
DOC is offering $10 reward for each dead Great White Butterfly brought in. We don't have them in the North, so hopefully that will stop them getting here.

There is also a bird further South that has invaded our shores called a Red vented Bulbul that they are offering $30 for information that leads to capture.
Red vented Bulbul

I hope DOC's bounty helps keep us free of these pests, which are apparently aggressive and prolific breeders.

Well it's a beautiful day out there - I'm off to mow the lawn. I have been looking at it for days, waiting, as I really want the lawn clippings to mulch my plants!

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