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Saturday, 12 July 2014

After the Storm

If you are a beachcomber don't you just love getting to the beach after a big storm. We went down yesterday to find a few lads out surfing the wild sea and mountains of seaweed washed up.

We picked up a shopping bag full of sea plastic and found some choice pieces of driftwood.
There were a lot of dead little blue penguins and I found this fellow...that I think is a seahorse, but he's all out straight. If anyone knows for sure can you leave me a comment.

All washed up - seahorse?

Yesterday we were too jaded after a late night out with the band to pick up seaweed for the garden, so we went back today and got loads. The good news is that there was no beach plastic. Someone else is cleaning up our beach too.

I've admired this clever fence and finally remembered to take a photo.

Love the peek of a vintage caravan

Upcycled Dog Bed

Munta's new upcycled bed

For some time I have been meaning to make Munta a more comfortable bed than just the old settee cushion we found for him. Today I fished out this huge suitcase that we had saved from being dumped - it's really too big to travel with. I had just been using it to store stuff in, but really, what a perfect bed. Inside I have put Munta's old cushion, plus some tubes that I salvaged from some old life jackets that had to be thrown out. Add a piece of old carpet and he thinks, after being a bit tentative, that it's great. Now that we know he will use it I will remove the back of the suitcase so it doesn't fall on him. 


  1. I love Munts's new bed, and it looks like Munta does, too. I love to recycle old things and give them a new life, too. The first photo, of the stormy beach and sea, is really beautiful.

    1. Thanks Cynthia, we are so lucky only living minutes from that beach. Munta is a treasure - except for yesterday when he ate the seahorse!

    2. Oh, no! Fishy dog breath.


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