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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bling, A Refashion and The Next Generation

In my last post I mentioned bonding with an antique dealer over vintage jewellery. She told me that she has a customer who is making a wedding bouquet out of vintage brooches. The customer has spent over $100 so far, but a bridal bouquet is an expensive item anyway - and at least it will be able to be treasured - or sold - or broken down and reused...hmmm there's a business idea in there...
I thought you might like to see some glorious examples I found...

From Rooted in Love Weddings and Events

From Bridal Guide magazine
The  Next Generation
My daughter,who is 20 years old, is not a greenie. Last week when she was out she left her slippers behind. I saw they were starting to come apart, so said I would fix them. My girl said - no don't bother, they were only $5, I'll just get another pair. Hmmm, "No" I said, "I'm going to mend them." 
I want the next generation to think about these things too.
And on that is school holidays here. I saw a good refashion for track pants into a skirt so asked Katie (13) if she had any she would like me to alter, and here is the result. She was really pleased.


I had to resew that back seam a bit straighter


I Love My Own Backyard
It's mid winter here, but still quite mild most days. New Zealand is a land of rainbows as it is often sunny and raining at the same time. It makes for pretty photos.

the view from my backyard

The plane tree in it's winter nakedness, with it's own baubles.
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  1. Clever idea, recycling the pants into a cute skirt. I love the bejeweled wedding bouquets.
    I had a similar idea yesterday to created some small jeweled baubles to hang in the garden and catch the light. Then right up the road there was a yard sale and I started my collection!

    1. Hi Cynthia - nice idea re the garden light-catcher. You can't go wrong collecting vintage jewelry - but it is a bit addictive.


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