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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Art in Travel, Travelling Art

It's time I posted some artworks. It is too easy to get tied up in the slow living thing, making food and green cleaners and beauty products, gardening, blogging. Sometimes art goes on the back burner.
Holidays are the ideal time to break out the watercolour paints or watercolour pencils and a good fine tip permanent ink pen. They are easily transported, easy to clean up, and quick drying.
Recently we took a road trip to Ruapehu, to the snow. Now generally if I have a choice I will go to a tropical island and leave the snow for others. So one day, Derek and the girls went up the mountain and I stayed at our lodge to paint. It was a beautiful day, actually hot. This was my watercolour.

The view from our back door, Ruapehu, looking away from the mountain.

The trick to not having the paper curl up, unless you stretch it, is to brush the back with a wet brush, either when you've finished, or you can do both sides before you start and let them dry.
I like to paint or draw at least one thing every time I go away. The point is not that it has to be good - don't worry about that. It means that I spend the time in the moment, seeing every little thing in front of me. It's way more meaningful than a quick photo. If you haven't tried it, I urge you to.

Mail Art - but on the Inside

We have a dear friend who often sends us music that he thinks we might like. So this parcel is for him. This time there will be no mail art on the outside - just plain brown paper wrap. But the inside....under the book and cd that we are sending in the box will be a little surprise. The number is his year of birth. The box is from an old, incomplete lotto game that I picked up for a couple of dollars. The small compartment with the driftwood and piece of bone etc lifts out. It was inspired by wunderkammer - cabinets of curiosities. 

A little curiosity to send

I used E6000 Industrial Strength glue to secure the pieces - that is the best glue ever. I bought it for fixing the vintage jewellery I've been buying and have been totally impressed. 
Thanks for stopping by - maybe you'll be all inspired to go off and create something for yourself.


  1. I like to sketch when I'm on trips for just the reason you mentioned -- it forces you to slow down and notice every little detail. I think your friend will love his surprise!

  2. Your painting is lovely and your suggestion not to worry if you are good enough is spot on. I had wished for years I could have been born with a talent for drawing or painting but growing up being told that unless I could do something perfectly I shouldn't waste my time doing it at all held me back from experimenting. Then one day a year ago, I decided to give it a try and see if I had any talent at all. I was so pleased with the outcome I've painted and sketched a couple more pieces since then. It's relaxing and fun but best of all I let go of the need to be a perfectionist.

    Btw, I'm just like you I would choose the warm location over a cold one every time. ;-)


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