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Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Band Clip Post

If you call me - let the phone ring because...

I'm making a new garden with hebes and flax and bromeliads etc, to tidy up a corner (where the dog had taken to digging). It's low maintenance stuff, with a shell mulch and driftwood edges, in keeping with the other borders nearby. And it's more or less free as I'm dividing up plants that I already have to use. Photos to follow when done.
Plus I've transplanted some kowhai seedlings that I found, into pots for a while until I'm ready to plant them out. Then there all the seeds I've planted, gardens to weed, lawns to's a great time of the year.

The Band

Recently I was asked to put up a clip of our band playing. As I talk about it a bit, that is only fair, but I don't have a great choice of clips for easy access to put up - so this is it.  video clip of our band "Inertia'
I have to say putting this on has stretched the limits of my technical ability - please let me know if there is any problem with it.


  1. No problems viewing, and thank you! I enjoyed the listen and fun to see you in action. :-)
    Which one is your husband? Are the others friends or relatives? You sound great together.

    1. Thanks Cynthia. Derek is the one next to me playing bass guitar. We are all friends from playing music together. It's just a clip taken by a friend, so sound quality isn't brilliant, but you get the idea. Thanks for watching!


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