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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Replacing the Nutella, and a Recap

A few posts back I made some place mats for my daughter out of an old bamboo blind and was waiting to see what she thought. I just got a text to say she's having people round for dinner and is going to use her cool place mats..success! And the magnets passed too.

I have always tried to make things instead of buying them. I remember when we could first buy sushi and it became my daughter's favourite food. But it seemed so dear for a few little hard could it be? I made some without telling my daughter and placed them in a washed sushi container. She didn't say anything (but later said she'd suspected I'd made them), but when I tried them they weren't quite right. I then learned about the vinegar mix that goes in the rice and can make them just like the bought ones now. 
So my latest trick was to replace the Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) that Katie loves. That stuff is full of sugar, plus I don't want to be buying plastic containers of it.
After looking around for recipes I just gave it a go. All the recipes I saw said to roast and skin the hazelnuts - but I'm lazy and just left the skins on them - turned out fine.
I don't have a proper recipe, but this is approximately what I did:

DIY chocolate hazelnut spread

Chocolate Hazelnut (and Almond) Spread

50/50 mix of whole roasted almonds and hazelnuts approx 1 1/2 cups total
olive oil (a mild tasting one)
heaped tablespoon of whole milk powder
3 teaspoons of icing sugar
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

I put all the ingredients except the olive oil in the food processor and whizzed them up, then added the oil slowly through the top until the spread was the consistency I wanted. I left it a bit grainier than Nutella - I like that home-made texture.
It was a hit with Katie. It's not too sweet, but just enough and has a lovely hazelnut flavour, not overwhelmed by sweetness.

I don't mind so much if it is a caterpillar eater like this one (no monarch butterfly caterpillars here yet)

I've just been out in the garden and got a wasp sting - ouch! I don't know about you, but I rush for the lavender oil. It took the pain away within about 20 seconds, and a short time later you wouldn't have known I'd even been stung.

Today I have planted out my corn, dalmatian cabbages, butternut pumpkin, kentucky pole beans. I'm all excited to see flowers on the tomatillos already.

My tomatillo plant in flower, and yes there is another to pollinate it.

Hope your week's going well. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I didn't know lavender oil was good for stings. I got stung by a yellow jacket last year and my hand swelled up like an orange. Tried lots of things, but not lavender. Good to know.
    Your choco hazelnut spread sure looks delicious!

    1. I hope you don't need to use my Lavender oil remedy any time soon Cynthia, but that it still springs to mind when you do...being out in the garden a lot means a higher likelihood.

  2. I didn't realize lavender oil was good for stings either, I've always dabbed mine with apple cider vinegar. I love the taste of hazelnuts and chocolate but won't buy the nutella (although I've tasted it and wished to make it myself. Thank you so much for the recipe!!

  3. Lovely blog you have here that I found through Eco-grandma, I have no idea how to follow but I'll try see & experiment :)
    Good luck further!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I hope you figure the follow thing and can get back. I just popped over to your blog - great photography, and I like that I can improve my french at the same time while reading it! I have you bookmarked to read further back. Cheers.


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