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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

When Your Dishwasher Doesn't Clean; Wormwood

When Your Dishwasher Won't Clean...
A while back one of my tenants reported that their dishwasher wasn't cleaning the dishes. Well I have learnt not to rush off and phone up a repairman. First thing I do now is Google the model of the appliance and the problem and it is amazing how often I am able to sort the problem myself - or at least get a better understanding of it.
So when I asked my daughter how her new (second hand) dishwasher was working, and she replied "not very good", I knew what to look for.
The first thing to do is check that the rotating arm is not being stopped by large dishes. The second thing is to take those arms off - generally they seem to unscrew easily - and clean out the little holes, then run some hot water through them from the tap to make sure they are clear.
It looked like her dishwasher arms had never been cleaned, and now the report is that "it's much better now thanks"

Dishwasher arm - some have tiny holes that block - no squirt - no work

I read that wormwood is a good pest deterrent - and I'm all for that!
I bought myself a packet of seeds and boy did they grow!
So now I am giving them away - anyone want some?

Wormwood seedlings

I have discovered however that you need to know what you are doing with this stuff. It has a growth retardant effect on other plants - so watch where you plant it. The growth retardant factor washes out from the roots, and you don't want to use tea made from it on any young or tender plants for the same reason.
 And you certainly don't want to drink that tea. Wormwood is what absinthe was made of in the old days and can be lethal. In fact it is recommended that you wash you hands even after handling it.
If that doesn't put people off, then it is supposedly a deterrent to ants, mice, moths, flies and other insects as well as possums, rabbits, birds and deer.
So I am going to carefully position it, and then hang branches of it in the fruit trees to put the possums and birds off eating our fruit. 
I'll let you know how that works out.

Mint Sauce

I don't much like mint sauce, but everyone else here adores it. I looked at the (plastic) bottle and declared that I'm sure I could make better mint sauce without all the numbers (food colouring etc), and without it being 30% sugar like the bought stuff. Let alone save on price and packaging.
So today that is what I am doing and will post the results next time.
I am trying to make it like a suspension or jelly, as opposed to the stuff my mother made - the old English way - which was pretty much instant, just mint and vinegar with a bit of sugar.

It's a great day for being in the kitchen. It's pouring with rain, there's thunder and lightening and Munta has taken to being a big sook and thinks he should be an inside dog. I have let him have the mat just inside the door because I am a big softee.
Being scared of thunder and lightening


  1. I don't think you eat meat--so what will you use your mint jelly for? I'm just wondering as I grow lots of mint.

    1. Hi Cynthia. Yes we all eat meat here. The family seem to put mint sauce on lots of things - including vegetables. After making my own - I might just be the next post.


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