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Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Monster!

While weeding yesterday I came across this monster in the garden - and instead of just instantly dispatching it, I felt the need to learn more about it to make sure I wasn't destroying something that does good in the garden.
It is a tiger slug, and on googling it I discovered that it is not native to New Zealand, and that it is omnivorous. So although it eats other slugs (yay), it also devours vegetation....(squash!)

Tiger Slug

While researching, I discovered some interesting facts about these slugs - and I will never look at them the same again. When mating, the male's corkscrew shaped sex organ (!) sometimes becomes stuck fast and has to be left behind  (design fault?)- but all is not lost as they can then continue on mating, but only using their female sex organs. 
We do have native slugs in New Zealand that only eat decaying vegetation and so help with the if you see these flattish ones with their leaf pattern, don't kill them. There are four different ones, all with leaf patterns.

Native New Zealand slug

Some More Waiheke Island Treasures

Fence with oarsome art

Stylish  house number

Beach house, Waiheke Island

Nikau Palm

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