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Friday, 11 April 2014

I Have Spread My Dreams Under Your Feet

My Good Magazine arrived yesterday and I decided to keep it unread to enjoy at Easter - well that resolution lasted one day, and this morning I dived into it. I found this poem in there that I only previously knew the last two lines of....

The Garden
 In a lot of the blogs I read they have glorious photos of their gardens. You might notice these are not prolific in my blog, because I have a fairly disorganized garden that is not especially a work of art.

Newly planted snow peas. The climbing frame is of branches off the plane tree which I had intended to paint white and hang with fairy lights for Christmas. The white powder on the ground is diatomaceous earth, the organic way to protect my plants from pests - working so far.

However, I am still picking the odd cucumber, have plenty of basil, have rhubarb, asian greens and am still picking a few beans, and have carrots and all is not lost. I felt less embarrassed about my garden since I have read in a couple of books that a disorganized planting patter
n is helpful to fool pests, as they hunt by sight, and a random planting makes it much harder for them to find all your plants. Picture many confused bugs in my garden... 

New seedlings waiting for me to find space among the over run garden. I've grown these myself, a good percentage from self saved seeds - I love that!

Apple Snack

Now for something completely different - this idea came from my friend Carolyn, and I haven't seen it anywhere else - maybe because it is so simple.

Yummy healthy snack - sliced raw apple and cinnamon in buttered toasted pita

Toast a wholemeal pita pocket in your toaster.
Cut an opening (carefully without burning yourself), and spread a little butter or Bob Each Way Spread (which is butter and oil mix - spreads like margarine but is real food)
Fill it with finely sliced apple, skin on, and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and just a little sugar for crunch if you really want.
It is a healthy morning tea or after school snack.

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