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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lemon Honey, Sugar Cane

Yesterday I took my bags and containers for my regular shop at the Kamo Binn Inn, where the proprietors and staff are so nice. I was impressed by their shop display, loving that people take the time and effort to make something just for their shoppers' enjoyment.

"Vintage kitchen" shop display in Binn Inn, Kamo, NZ

Lemon Honey
While we were on Waiheke Island we went to the Ostend Market, where Katie wanted a jar of Lemon Honey, which she loves. A small jar was $8, which I thought was a bit expensive, but she got it anyway. It was finished in no time, and we agreed that Katie should make some. I got out my Mum's old handwritten recipe book and Katie (almost 13) made two big jars of delicious lemon honey, that I estimated would have been worth $32 on Waiheke.
Here's the recipe...and sorry, it's in imperial measures - good for the USA readers...

1 lb of sugar
6 oz butter
juice of 4 lemons (Lisbon lemons are best if you can get them for tangy taste)
Rind of 3 lemons
4 eggs plus just the yolks of 2 more

Melt the butter and sugar in a double boiler, add beaten eggs and lemon juice and rind.
Stir until it is the consistency of honey. It will thicken a bit more as it cools.
Pour into sterilized jars, and I always keep it in the fridge.
How easy is that?!!

Lemon Honey and fresh Busy Person's bread

Sugar Cane.
Recently a friend gave us this piece off his sugar cane, so I have half buried it in the ground and am eagerly waiting to see if it grows. In anticipation I have researched what to do with it and found instructions for making sugar syrup from it on the net. Don't you just love Google?

Sugar Cane - about to be planted

A while back I planted some root ginger that I had bought for cooking, and sadly reported that it had done nothing. Well lucky I didn't throw it away, because when I wasn't looking it sprouted! 

Cooking ginger grown from a piece of root 

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