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Thursday, 15 May 2014

All Excited about Hair Conditioner

A few times in the past 17 months of my slow living journey I have made something that has had a big impact on what we no longer have to buy in, and it turns out to be a superior product, like my own bread and the butter/oil spread I make, and my tooth powder. 
Today I made hair conditioner - and it is one of those products!
I have tried making conditioner before, with olive oil etc, but this recipe is just like bought conditioner in texture, but with the benefit of knowing exactly what is in it.

Sample bottle of conditioner for my friend Di - with the added bonus that it was a vanilla bean container, recycled - smelled divine

The ingredients are all personally safe, and environmentally safe too - check them for yourself if you think you might like to try making some.
Katie, who has long, thick, curly hair has reported that the conditioner is better than the organic one we were using, and my daughter Maria(who is pretty fussy) has also given it the thumbs up. 
The conditioner was super easy to make, and comes in at $8.43/ litre. 
I purchased the ingredients online at

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioning emulsifier beads - 50grams
1L filtered or distilled water
2grams of Naturagard Ultra, a natural preservative
silk powder - 1/4 tsp (makes hair silky and is actually made from silk)
jojoba oil - 5ml
ylangylang oil - cosmetic grade 2.5ml

you will need a soapmaking thermometer - which I had already (also available from soapcraft)

1. Heat 1 litre of filtered or distilled water to 70 degrees
2. Add 50g of  emulsifying conditioner beads and mix well with a beater until it thickens - doesn't take long.

3. Cool to 45 degrees and at this point add your preservative, perfume oil, jojoba oil and silk powder.
4. When cool, decant into bottles.

Conditioner ready to bottle

Once you have the ingredients it is quick and easy to make

And excited about cleaning??

Limes from Di

While visiting my friend Di yesterday she gave me a pile of limes off her huge tree. One that I had picked up off the ground had a bad patch, which I cut off, then decided to use the remainder to try a tip I had just read for cleaning the shower glass with a lemon dipped in baking soda (except I used lime). Wow! Best ever - even better than my cleaning paste. Sparkly clean citrussy shower.

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