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Monday, 19 May 2014

Something For a Sore Mouth, and Coffee Capsule Refill DIY

Sometimes when I over-practice on my sax (because I have left it until the last minute), I can get a bit of a sore lip. When I saw this recipe for an oral pain salve I thought I would give it a try...and it did stop the pain temporarily, but it's not magic, I still had to wait for the blister to heal. This was reported to be good for teething infants, and would be good for mouth ulcers.

oral pain salve 

Oral Pain Salve 

1 teaspoon of coconut oil
1-2 drops of clove oil
1 drop of peppermint oil

Just mix and apply.

Refilling Coffee Capsules

Just like to say - I don't have one of those machines that take capsules at $1 each, but I know some people who do, and love them. My friend Di is one of them, and she discovered, with great delight, that it is possible to refill the capsules, so that they cost 5 cents a time, and she knows what is in them (puts in her favourite coffee), plus not buying and throwing out a lot of those little containers. I decided to research it for myself, as we are going to visit Derek's parents this weekend, and I bet they would like to know.Hey - it looks easy and Di says it works a treat, so check out this youtube clip

Hmmm, not sure that you will be seeing my cider-making on here soon, it is not bubbling away like it should after straining out the apple pulp, then adding lemon juice and sugar. I'll give it a bit longer to do it's thing though.

Well I'm off for a quick bike ride to run the dog. He still has a swim every time we go - I think he does notice that the water is getting colder though, as he was too quick for me to catch him dipping and wouldn't be persuaded to go again.
Quick Dip Munta

His swim is more of a dip, reminiscent of a lady from 1900 - very delicate.
I feel I've earned some time out having made a batch of soap and four loaves of bread, among other things today.

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  1. Just saying - I have my doubts about refilling those capsules - it might not be good for the machine, from what my friend Di tells me.(Added much later)


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