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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Microwave Cinnamon Porridge Mix and more

...And there is the odd day when I do just about that. I'm almost over feeling like I shouldn't.

Today was one of those days - but not much creating. The dog and I went off to Whangaumu Bay for a muck around: dog running everywhere, me finding coins (6) with my metal detector, and chatting to people.
On the way I spotted this cool letterbox stand.


Now I thought everyone knows how to make porridge in the microwave, but as I have recently come across a few who don't, I will put this in.
My daughter who is flatting, buys sachets of flavoured rolled oats to microwave. All very well, but it is a more expensive way of making porridge when it is really so easy, so I have made her up a jar, with instructions on how to cook, and also how to make it herself. It goes like this.


2 cups of quick cooked rolled oats
3 tsp  of cinnamon
4 tsp of brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt, if desired

To cook for one serving, place 1/2 cup of the porridge mix into a medium sized microwave bowl and add 1 cup of milk, or milk and water mixed. 
Cook on High for 2 minutes and stir, then cook another minute - done!

Just to finish off...I love how some of the fashion in the shops looks like they are trying to emulate upcycled clothing. 
for a mere $299 and is 60% acrylic (winter 2014)

NYFW Autumn/Winter 2012/13


  1. Hi Anne, just came across your blog after you followed me on Pinterest. Looks really good! I also blog about going green, at I look forward to reading more from you :) Joanna

  2. Thanks Joanna - I had just found your blog too and have it bookmarked to delve into when time allows. I'm so excited to see others doing this too - and will be following what changes you are making. Cheers Anne.


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