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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Shopping Local, Moby Duck and Cider

Shopping Local

For some time I have been annoyed by the imported produce in the supermarket. For example, why do they often stock only oranges from USA, when we have so much citrus in KeriKeri? I messaged them asking (pressuring), but it doesn't seem to do any good. OK, it wasn't peak orange season here - but they were still available - I bought some from the side of the road. At least they are labeling produce with country of origin now. 
Recently Katie asked for frozen berries - do you know, not one pack was produced in New Zealand! And, of course, they come in plastic bags. Sometimes I feel a bit mean about not buying stuff, so I will buy it for the last time and explain why we will be changing, but Katie and Derek are pretty good. 
Hooray for the Farmers' Market and roadside stalls, and our homegrown fruit and veg.

I have found an interesting book at the library called Moby Duck by Donovan Hohn.

It made me want to go pick plastic out of the mangroves, which we did yesterday (see below).
I loved the way the book was narrated, rather like a travelogue in some ways, and quite personal.
Sometimes I use picking up marine plastic, and keeping our patch of road clean to assuage my guilt for my failings in keeping plastic out etc. I am working on it, but have a long way to go - it means reviewing everything I buy and finding a cleaner, better way that is sustainable. 

Most of the day's mangrove pickings - some made it to the recycling (via Derek) before I got around to taking its photo

The plant trays in the photo are something we pull out at every cleanup. We have found well over a hundred, plus a myriad of pots. They came after a big flood washed out a nursery upstream. We deliver them to our nearest nursery, who happily take them.

This weekend I also discovered a couple of cool blogs:

 The Non-Plastic Maori- a blog by Tina Ngata who is tracking her year going plastic-free. I was so excited to find a Kiwi blog like this, and I like her style!

Every Week is Green - by 23 year old Joanna, who is journeying towards a greener lifestyle, with lots of good ideas. 

We Are Drinking The Cider

It was not a total failure, so I will put the recipe link in. It makes a satisfying pop when we uncork a bottle, and although it is a bit sweet, I add juice of half a lime to each glass and top it up with iced water and it is yum. It is a bit like ginger beer without the ginger. Sooo - not exactly a success, but still nice. Goodness knows if it has alcohol content, maybe a little. It wasn't a difficult process to make it- basically freeze the apples then crush/chop them, add water and sugar, stir and wait.. - speedy cider

Home made cider - ahem, a bit cloudy, but drinkable

I'm going to try making it again, and if any one else does, I'd love to hear how it turns out.

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