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Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Little Fosicking and Upcycling

Sunday was a lovely day here. We could hear the surf pounding, so thought a trip to the beach at the river mouth would be great - hopefully lots of interesting things washed up. We can only get there by boat, so it's not unusual for us to be the only people there. 

There was lots of seaweed washed up - the good stuff - so we got a big load for the garden.

Heading for the garden, and to mulch the fruit trees

I always hope we will find some ambergris - which we have done twice now, but no luck.
We always find bits of "shipwreck" which we like for our driftwood artworks. 
And then there is the plastic. We bring it all back and sort what we can into recycling and rubbish.

Sunday's beach clean up

To top it all off we got lots of exercise as the motor wouldn't start and we had to walk and row the boat all the way back, against the tide, approx 2 km. Lucky the water wasn't that cold.

Load That Dishwasher!
I had an idea - that I probably stole from someone - to help remind people that it's ok to load their own dishes into the dishwasher. I pick up old Scrabble games when I see them, just the ones with wooden tiles, and if they are incomplete and cheap - all the better.


This little plaque for the dishwasher is made from an old coaster painted black, then I have glued the tiles on with a glue gun, and a recycled strip magnet on the back. You know - those advertising magnets that businesses give/send you.
I would have put clean/ dirty, but there was no "Y" left, so I had to be more creative.

"The secret to happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less" from The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

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