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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Refashion Reveals and a Hunk

 Nearly every day I am making something that we used to buy, which is what my "slow living" is all about. Derek asked me this morning if it was still ok, making things instead of buying them...but that is just life now, and it makes me happy to do it.
Now that I have made things so many times over they are familiar and much quicker to do. When I find a good recipe I make a double or triple batch to save time.
My slow living gives me a full appreciation for what Mark Boyle achieved. He's the author of The Money-less Man about his year of living with no money (by choice).

I think this book is reassuring, in that should we need to, we (personally) could probably survive with what we have. Mark wanted to not only survive, but thrive, which he did. I am waiting for his second book The Money-less Manifesto to arrive at our library. 

Mark Boyle - The Money-less Man 

I seem to be on a green book binge at present, but I figure if I get something from each one it all helps. Sometimes it is a reference to another book or website, sometimes it reinforces that I am heading in the right direction, sometimes it reminds me that there is a long way to go. 


Ok, so I've been talking about refashioning what I have instead of buying clothes (it's been 9 months now since I bought any clothes).
I've done a few refashions, but I'm a bit shy about modelling them, and my selfies aren't the best, so here goes..

take three tops that are too short etc...

Put them together with lace at the bottom...
Now I happily wear this top - I think layers are so much more interesting - don't you? And that goes for everything - layers in art, decor, music, life...

The next refashion is an idea I saw on Pinterest (love that site) making a skirt from old t-shirts.
This is the pinterest version by

There were no instructions so I just winged it. I wear this most days at home now as it is really comfortable, and covers up areas when I'm wearing leggings (in case anyone comes for a surprise visit or when I'm out biking)
Here's my version. Note Munta posing in the background.
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  1. Splendid job! I'm going to tell my neighbour who is fab on her sewing machine (I'm hopeless) - she will love this idea. Thank you!

  2. I've been hearing a lot about that book on blogs lately. I read it awhile ago and it was interesting. Lois whose blog is Living Simply Free had a good discussion about community yesterday based on the book.
    I love the tshirt skirts. There is someone selling them at the farmers market here and she charges $68 for a SHORT one. Maybe you could sell some!

    1. I don't know about me making them to sell - be great for someone else to do though, I haven't seen them here.


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