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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Little Global Warming?, The Book of Secrets

Winter started in June, but it's hot here today. The last two days have brought heavy rain and flooding to the North. I was worried that I might have trouble getting home yesterday afternoon, after crossing one part where the water was across the road a little - but nothing like what they have had further North.

Yesterday's flooding in Northland, New Zealand

It's 22C degrees inside today (that's 72F)  - that's with the doors open and of course no heating on, the sun's out and it's humid. I don't think it is just because I am a female over 50 that I'm feeling the heat...we still have basil and cherry tomatoes in the garden. I have heard people say a couple of times.."if this is global warming, then I'm loving it". Makes you think...

The Book Of Secrets by Fiona Kidman
I'm not a big fiction reader (mostly because then I would never get anything done), but this book was loaned to me, and it hits a spot. 
It is about the settlers to Waipu, New Zealand from Scotland via Nova Scotia, Canada. 

My ancestors came with that settlement, and it illustrates why my mother's family was quite reserved, religious and dour, in my opinion.
But also it describes real slow living - because that's how it had to be. 
It is a good, interesting read without being weighty in historical detail as that is woven in nicely.

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