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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Using the Fallen Leaves and a Nana Project

The plane trees look lovely almost bare, and the benefit of this is that we are using the leaves as much  as possible to make compost. We never seem to have enough compost, with our clay soil it needs a lot of work to make it productive, so this year, after filling the two compost bins we have made bags of mowed leaves and grass, plus I've just made some with nasturtium thrown into the dead leaves.

An abundance of compost material

Making use of nasturtiums that grow wild

Ugly recycled plastic rubbish bags, with a few holes poked in them,  full of compost in progress.
A Rainy Day Nana Project

My Mum gave me one of these years ago and it was really useful, so with an old towel and a rainy day I thought I would whip a couple up. Maybe not an item of beauty...but it doesn't fall off the oven rail, and is practical.

That's a snap dome holding it

The shape of the cotton piece - cut 2
I discovered the best way to gather toweling is to use a needle and thread - toweling doesn't gather well with sewing machine stitching.
Hopefully my camera will be working again soon - these photos were taken just before it died.

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