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Monday, 26 May 2014

Dog Tucker

Continuing on my path to making as much as I can and buying less packaging and chemicals, my latest effort has been to make dog food. 
It is not hard to please our dog - he will eat just about anything, not so the cat.
That's Munta - he's a character.

I remember reading that dogs should not be fed onions or garlic as it can poison them, and google research has confirmed this, so there will be none of that. I have read that pumpkin is really good for dogs, and that they love it - I'll try that next time.
I have been buying ground chicken off-cuts from the butcher at a good price, they come frozen in 1 kg blocks, which the butcher runs through the meat saw for me.
It can be a good way of using old veges, and in this case some outdated cornmeal.
This is what I did, but I think you can just make it up as you go along, the dog won't mind....

Dog food ingredients (that's a recycled plastic bag)

Melt some fat saved from cooking other meat (sausages in this case)
Brown the chicken meat - or chopped liver or what-have-you.
Throw in chopped veges - silverbeet and herbs are good (remember, not onions or garlic)
Add a cup of cornmeal or rolled oats.
Cover with water and let it cook 20 - 30 minutes.

Store excess to current need in the freezer.
It's economical, better for the dog than tinned food and hey - no containers.
Now, if only I can persuade the cat to like it too...

I remember decades ago, my mother making dog biscuits for our pooch. They had lard, rolled oats and ground up liver, among other ingredients that I can't recall. I will go look through her old recipe books, as I remember how the dog loved them. We used to make them into bone shapes. 

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