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Monday, 12 May 2014

Synthetic Materials: Something I Had Not Considered

Yesterday I read an article in an old (Mar/April 2012) Natural Life magazine titled Greening Laundry Day, by Sarah (Steve) Mosko.

She pointed out that studies have been done on the polyester fibres that are expelled during a normal wash into the waste water which contribute to microplastic pollution. These are the tiny pinhead sized pieces of non-biodegradable materials that, when released into waterways, are ingested by even the smaller creatures at the bottom of the food chain.You can find the whole article reproduced here - it is really interesting. I will avoid buying synthetic fabrics as much as possible. (I was going to anyway, before I read this.)

The weather has been just glorious for months (with just the odd wet spells), and today I actually got out weeding, which I have rather sadly neglected lately. 
I have picked a few things that I found lurking in there and will be using them (plus a bit more) to make a vegetable curry for dinner. The tiny little kumara are wild ones from what got left in there from last season.

This is not the bountiful harvest you see on some blogs - never-the-less it all counts

I also have loads of basil still as the weather has been mild, so will make up some more pesto.
I have been reading a book called The Wild Green Yonder, by Phillipa Jamieson, about her time spent volunteering on Organic farms in New Zealand as a Wwoofer, published in 2007.

I have felt inspired to get outside and get back into the garden.
Working around NZ as a Wwoofer was on my list of things to do, until I met Derek and the plans changed. 
I'm sure I would get a lot more done if I didn't read so much - too bad!

What's on the boil
I do have a batch of apple cider on the go for the first time, so if that turns out ok, will be put posted on here in the next few weeks. 
Last week I received a box of supplies from, so have plans to make hair conditioner, lip balm, more soap and (face) moisturiser. I have also run out of hair gel finally, and have tried making my own from linseed, which worked a treat. Along with making my usual things like muesli, dishwasher powder, laundry powder and a raft of other home made products it keeps me out of mischief.

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