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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cleaning up in our own backyards

Several times a week Munta (unemployed farm dog) and I go for a bike ride/ run. (I ride). It serves several purposes...exercise for both Munta and me, an excuse to get out in the sunshine and enjoy nature. Even though we are on a public road there is very little traffic and the scenery is lovely, and different bird life to enjoy.
oops - didn't notice what was out!
The other thing we do is pick up rubbish to keep the kilometres on either side of our place looking good. I figure if everyone cleaned up between their drive and the next, the world would be a much more beautiful place. Some of the rubbish appears to be domestic, cat food tins, milk bottles etc. I have had a good response from our local District Council about getting them to talk to the recycling contractors, as I think it flies off their trucks. The council also sent us a pile of rubbish bags to help with clean up, and asked to be informed if it was really bad, and they would send someone to clean it up. Impressed.
today's haul, divided into recycling and rubbish

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