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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Inaugural post - Welcome to my world

How exciting. A place to put all the ideas that whirl around in my life - upcycling, inspiring words, arty projects, green cleaning recipes and more.
I'm on a personal mission of slow living, which means making as much as I can rather than buying it, so I will be posting lots of examples and how-to ideas with the hope that others will want to follow. It's my little strategy to help save the world one green footprint at a time.
I'm sure my blogging skills will just get better as time goes on.
Meantime I'm going to just throw in a few photos to whet the appetite. 
We have a great supply of driftwood here - this is our fence, still under construction. There will be plenty more driftwood projects to come!
I have had to eat my words! I told Derek these didn't really produce here - but this single $3 plant has produced about 30 aubergines. We have had heaps to eat and give away. The secret must be the position - right next to a north facing concrete drive, with a corrugated iron half wall behind it. It is still flowering and producing in May - almost winter! It has been fed with horse manure, and the mulch you can see is just grass clippings.
Ever since I read in a gardening magazine about an octogenarian who used nothing but lawn clippings on his garden (and it was amazing) I have started doing the same... and our garden has been the best ever.

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