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Friday, 31 May 2013

One man's trash...

Family arrived last night, and Michael produced something he thought we might like that he found after someone had thrown it out. He knows us well - it is a pile of old LPs, to add to our collection. Real classic rock etc - Genesis, Elton John, Paul Simon, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and more!. All look to be in pretty good condition and I'm going to enjoy some new (old) soundtracks to my work routine. Why would someone not just have donated them to a charity?? I don't understand the throw away mentality. 

I made some date scones,(on request from Derek as they are his favourites) for morning tea. This is a really easy (peasy) recipe that I have adapted from one of Jo Seagars.


1 cup dates
75g butter
1 1/4 cups milk
3 cups self raising flour
1/4 tsp salt - optional ( I don't put it in unless making cheese scones)

Set oven to 220 Celcius

Pour boiling water over one cup of dates and leave them to sit.

Heat the butter and milk in the microwave approx 2 minutes until butter is melted.

Drain then chop the dates, add to the milk/ butter. 

Add the flour. Mix will be quite wet. Place heaped desertspoonfuls on a floured baking tray quite close together.

Bake at 220 for approx 15 mins, or fanbake for approx 9 minutes.


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  2. oh - and Dire Straits on the top! on of my first records - good old memorys


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