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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Luxury and Riches

   "He who knows he has rich" - Lao Tzu 

Today has been beautiful. I have spent most of it working out(side). As I sat this morning with my coffee, planning my day, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of my luxurious life. To some people that would be world travel, top hotels, designer clothes etc, but to me luxury is a treat to all five senses at once. So here we go:- coffee and  homemade banana bread (smell and taste), peaceful silence (auditory), warm sun (touch) and this view (sight).

Today I dug up our kumaras. I wasn't sure there would be any, as they had no special care and had run riot in the garden. I only put 5 plants in, so even though there weren't a lot, it is something.

 I wanted to make room for the garlic. This year I have bought new bulbs, as last year I planted what I had saved, and the crop was pathetic.
I spent a good hour cutting back flax (that you see in the first photo), so that
we can get around in front of the deck again. Bonus from this is the basket of flax flower stalks which make great kindling.

I have been working on cutting out containers from my shopping. I have decided no more kitty litter for spoilt cat who stays in at night, so yesterday filled a plastic bin with scrapings from under the teatree, sand and woodchip. I've left them in the shed to dry out a bit - and hopefully any bugs will leave.
While stopping in at the Kerikeri markets a few weeks back I bought some handmade soap which was recommended as shampoo soap. I've been trying it, and it's doing the trick - hair feels and looks good, so I will not be going back to shampoo, providing I can get visiting kids to cope with it.
I hope it's fine tomorrow - I have a plan to do with my worms (garden).

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