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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Letting go of perfection

that true beauty, whether it comes from an object, architecture or visual art doesn't reveal itself until the winds of time have had their say. Wabi Sabi is the splendour of things modest and humble, the charm of things unique . 

That is so us. We love vintage items - but really just the ones that have had a working life, and maybe are still useful. One of my favourites is my zester, which was my mothers. It does the best job ever. Simple, but effective.
The decorative things we display in our home follow along these lines too.
When I started taking art classes some years ago, it was like everything else - my paintings weren't that good - but gradually got better to the point where I was selling them regularly. I like this quote...
"Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly"
by Robert H Schuller
I don't paint much at the moment, as for the past decade I have been working on playing the saxophone imperfectly. I'm getting there, but may need to live to a very good age to get to where I want to be with it.
So if you see a 90 year old lady playing in a rock band - that will be me haha.
Also the art has moved in different directions, as with the piece below, which was a collaborative piece between Derek and me. He has a great eye for design.

Collaborative artwork. Shipwreck found pieces, mixed media

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