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Friday, 14 June 2013

A bit of upcycling

I was looking around to find something to add a little interest to a corner, and came up with this old wash jug that was sitting in the garage, and some lovely bare winter branches off the plane tree down the drive.

These driftwood lamps were odd lamps that we had around, sorry no before photos. I have fixed the driftwood on with (Uncle Bill's) copper wire and screws. The Uncle Bill reference is a joke in our family as he used to fix everything with copper wire, as he had managed to acquire rolls of the stuff, I'm not sure how. It was a long time ago and he had an eye for a bargain. I'm privileged to still have a roll.

The last upcycled item is not pretty. I needed a potting bench, and we had an old barbecue that no longer cooked like it should and we have one that does. works better now as a potting bench. Those are miniature sweet peas you can see potted up there - especially for pots as apparently they don't need staking up. Grown from seed. We'll see. 

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