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Friday, 7 June 2013

My New Toy

No blog yesterday because my new toy arrived with the postie. It was a lovely day, so when I'd put it together Munty and I had to zoom off to the beach to try it out. It's a metal detector. I've always thought they looked like fun, and I can combine it with beach fossicking, getting some fresh air and exercise, and walking the dog.
So this is what I found on my first day of figuring out how it works.....

A 1926 Aussie threepence, a 1936 sixpence, a 1963 florin and a piece of junk jewelery!

I would have bought the metal detector second hand, but there weren't any for sale. I prefer to buy preloved to fit with my ethic of reducing consumerism, and reducing outgoings so that I can continue to not have to return to the workforce. 
We needed to buy a bigger settee, and today picked up this one from a purchase on Trade Me. It's in perfect condition, and looks like it was made for the place.

We are about to head off to the beach again as it's another beautiful day, and Derek's all keen to try out the metal detector after seeing what I found yesterday.


  1. Still loving your blog Anne!!
    Wow, maybe I need to invest in a metal detector of my own :)

  2. Haha - yes Amy, maybe you could make a fortune like me (in about 100 years). But it is fun. We found 6 coins the next day, plus 2 sinkers.


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