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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What a Waste!

Yesterday an article in the Advocate reported that Australians throw away one out of every five bags of groceries they buy - or $1250 NZ dollars worth of food per household annually.
To highlight the issue of food waste, the United Nations Environment Programme has chosen "Think, eat, save" as the theme of World Environment Day, held each year on June 5th.
It doesn't mention New Zealanders, but I presume we can take it that we are just as bad.
In honour of that we are having leftovers for dinner tonight! Actually I love leftover nights as it means I don't really have to cook.
Also, I'm not shopping this week. It makes me get creative with what I have and use things up. I might not even shop next week.

One of my favourite ways of using up sad veges is to make a vegetable curry:
Cook a chopped onion with curry paste or powder, add a tin of tomatoes, tin of chickpeas, any veges to use up and a bit of water. Cook until tender.

Fruit that is getting past attractive either gets stewed or made into juice with my juicer.

We don't have as many leftovers as some might as we have a dog who will eat anything. I read that dogs and cats need more fat than humans do - so he gets all the pan scrapings and meat trimmings.

On a totally different note..I have added in some of my cards I have just made, after getting all inspired by some little art works by Dick Frizzell. I intend to sell my cards at the market in town and/or on, which is the NZ equivalent of Etsy.

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