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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Once you have tried home made marmalade it is hard to go back to the bought stuff. At this time of the year the local grapefruit don't seem to be quite ready . We have just planted a grapefruit tree, but until it is old enough we depend on scrounging some off friends, or visiting an old tree on the verge of a public carpark in town.
Failing that I have started making marmalade with any citrus I have around. Yesterday's version was made using 2 lemons and a mandarin, and it turned out great. 


1 grapefruit                               4 cups of water

1 lemon                                    4 cups of sugar

Grate the skins then thinly slice the fruit removing the pips.
Boil with the water for 20 minutes.
Add the sugar and boil for a further 30 minutes at a rolling boil.
Bottle into sterilized jars when a blob on a saucer passes the wrinkle test.

This makes 2 and a bit jars. I keep mine in the fridge until ready to use as I don't seal them.


I've noticed my root ginger has grown a couple of shoots since it has been sitting in my fruit bowl so I am going to try growing it. I've just done a little research and it seems easy enough. I'm going to start it in a pot, then in spring transfer it outside to a warm spot but not in full sun, with good fertile soil. It is apparently best not to harvest it for 2 years to let it get going.

Meanwhile it seems that peeled ginger root can be stored in brandy to have it available for use anytime. I'm off to do this too, as I'm not going to plant the whole ginger, just a couple of knobs of it.


Maybe everyone knows how to do this, but I'll put it in anyway. It's another of Mother's little gems. How to fold sheets of newspaper into secure little bags for when you want to send a plant off with a visitor.

fold the top of a double sheet of newspaper over by 1/3
turn it over and fold from the side 1/3 of width
fold the other edge into the centre, tucking it under the top flap
fold the bottom up to tuck under the top flap out into a bag and fill.


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