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Friday, 28 June 2013

Pesky pests

My garden is not looking good right now, thanks to pests. I thought rhubarb leaves were supposed to be poisonous...but obviously not to possums. Why would they turn down perfectly good fruit in a trap to eat rhubarb leaves?

While we were tidying up the garage so that we can fit the band in for practice night, we came across a pile of out of date cans of beer. (I know - but I don't drink beer). So I thought I would put it to good use as a slug trap. I recently saw that someone had made these nifty little traps by recycling plastic drink bottles, so I made my own versions.

They are good because the funnel shaped bit goes in the ground, so that not too much beer is needed in each one, and the base, cut off makes a wee rain hat, when propped up on sticks. 

I've had my doubts about the effectiveness of beer traps, so this morning went to check the tally. Three slugs in 6 traps, and the third was only there because I pushed him in. I think I might need to melt the edges of the funnel shapes, because although they were buried well, I think the slugs might find them a little sharp.

Yesterday Munta (dog) and I went prospecting at the beach for a few hours with the metal detector, as it was beautiful after a couple of miserable days. Apart from finding 7 coins and 4 sinkers, plus chatting to other beach goers, I picked a lovely bunch of flowers growing wild. Time well spent.


  1. Rhubarb leaves? Really? It seams there is nothing the Possies leave out - bummer. My hubby just told me, that they have eaten all flowerheads of our cauliflowers - watch out when I come back...

  2. Yes and I hope the rhubarb leaves make them sick! Strangely they leave the rhubarb stalks, and also left the broccoli heads which were right next to them. Makes us angry when they eat our veges eh?


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