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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Small Town New Zealand

Sometimes when Derek is heading to a small town for a few hours work he will take me with him. Yesterday we went to Waipu, which has a strong Nova Scotian link, with ship loads of settlers having arrived there in the 1800s, my ancestors included.

Tartan pennants for Tartan Week

It's a great place for a junk fossick, with two charity shops, and a new Hospice shop opening there on Monday. There are also three antique/ collectables shops, although yesterday only one was open.

Waipu Antique shop

Probably just as well, as I came home with a load of stuff, some of which even Derek raised his eyebrows at. But I have visions for it all! I'm going to bravely post the before photos, but there will be a wait for the afters.

First rip out all the little nicnacs and just use the box frame for a hanging succulent garden.

The chairs were only $65 for four - can't go wrong there, and we needed a few more for when the studio becomes a B'n'B. We haven't decided yet whether we will paint them different colours.

The people are so friendly - it was a delight to potter about. Plus the cafe in the centre of Waipu had the most delicious food and great coffee.

Mail Art
If you have a parcel to send off, or even just want to brighten someone's day (and the postal staff's), then go all out with a little mail art.
We had a few things to send to a family member (that's not the real address on the parcel) so thought we'd add a little something. This is just a mild version of what I sometimes do, due to time constraints, but I will post more pics of others as I do them. If you want some good ideas, Google mail art images.


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