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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Paradise on a Sunday

Yesterday we took the day off to play. We wanted to visit the exhibition in the gallery in Kohukohu featuring the old truck which had long been a landmark there. We love Kohukohu with it's historic wooden buildings and character. The people of the Hokianga region live slow as a way of life.
On the way there we stopped in at this old church, a typical example of many around the North.

looking through a window

Rawene, where the car ferry leaves from to Kohukohu is also full of characters. We bought a banana palm from an old Maori lady who was selling them from her backyard, along with home grown veges. I'd much rather support a home grower in a small place than a big garden centre. It's like buying a souvenir, but not something tacky.

A little second hand shop was open on the waterfront. The proprietor had been out on her shop's back verandah that morning and hauled in a couple of great Kahawhai. Now that's the way to live.

New Zealand is a land of rainbows - we see them almost every day at this time of the year as it is often showery with the sun shining.

from the Boatshed Cafe in Rawene

We tried with the metal detector while we were there, hoping to find some old treasure, but there was so much old metal around it wasn't really successful, with only one coin found. It made interesting watching for two local girls though. 
On the way home we stopped for a spa in the natural mineral pools at Ngawha, which warmed us through for the whole trip home. It was only $4 each, and the place is open 7 days 9am to 9pm. I loved how the locals took their children there, tucking them all into their pyjamas when they got out.

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