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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Good Lovin'

I just have to share something from my favourite magazine of all time -"Good" magazine - and that's really saying something from a magazine addict. (Although NZ Life and Leisure comes a close 2nd)

"Good"s content is focused on family values and care for the environment. My daughter buys me a subscription for Christmas each year. I feed the rest of my magazine addiction at the library, apart from my Life & Leisure sub which Derek gets me for my birthday. I love having the paper copies and refer back to them.
The latest "Good" has an article that just hit the spot with me "Savouring the Delights of Slow Midwinter" by Rebekah White.

"It's not just competence in a chosen discipline, but an empty mind that sparks creativity - allowing us space to connect ideas in new ways."Long periods of langour, indolence and staring at the ceiling are needed by any creative person in order to develop ideas" says Tom Hodgkinson in How to Be Idle.
(I knew it!) Also long periods of time oogling Pinterest.
Great Article
Good magazine

Our local newspaper had an article this week about a shed that burned down, it appears from a rag used with linseed oil that had been thrown in with a pile of other rags. Apparently they can spontaneously combust. I so didn't know that!

Tidying up my storage area in the studio. I am constantly frustrated by not being able to find things.

Use up the art supplies and paraphernalia for mixed media works I already have and stop buying more. (Similar to using up the stuff in your pantry)

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